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Dear Momma....

I wrote this back in September 2017.  The day before had been terrible. The next morning wasn't going really well and I had a moment of word vomit at lunch.  When I write something in a fit of passion normally I keep it to myself. It's cathartic but really doesn't need to be shared with the world.  Word vomit usually falls into the categories of bad poetry, self-absorbed whining, or depressive rambling. This might be all of those, but I read it the other day again and thought about how far we have come this school year.  Allie will be graduating K-5 here in a few months and while I've struggled at times and so has she we have persevered and she is a reading, writing, adding little genius these days. So, here you go. It may be a little self-indulgent.  It may be a little oh woe is me. It is honestly how I feel most days of my life.

Hope you've all been well my lovelies.  I'm sorry I've been absent but honestly between the day job and homework I'm b…

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