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A little late, but such is my life.....
I’ve done several posts in the past on what I am thankful for, you can read those by searching the blog if you like.  I think we’re all thankful for the same things in the broad sense of the word: family, friends, shelter, and food.  We’re thankful to have jobs even if they drive us crazy, houses even when they seem too large when cleaning them, cars that run most of the time, and the little luxuries that make life worth living like horses, chocolate, and coffee.  We’re thankful for our health if it is good and even if it is bad it can always be worse.  We’re thankful for our kids even when they begin every single sentence with ‘momma.’  We are thankful because it can always be worse.  We are grateful because to not be is the height of ungratefulness.  And all good southern children no matter if they big or small are taught to never be ungrateful.    
But I think what I am most grateful for this year is the opportunity to just be.  Life is difficu…

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