Monday, July 27, 2015

Little update to the old blog....

I've been working on something here and there so I thought I would share now that I'm finally done!  Up at the top of the page there's a new tab called "Stories of the South."  These are my entries I've been writing for a few years now and finally decided to pull them together in an easy to find place.  They are arranged on the page from most current to oldest in descending order, making my life easier as I add new entries.  So if you're new to the blog or maybe just want to read some of my older entries hop on over!  Thanks everyone!  Have a great day my lovelies!

P.S.  I made a new banner up at the top, what do you think?  Just felt like simplifying a little.  Thanks again!

Happy Monday Video

Let's try this thing again. Happy Monday everyone!  A quick video for Monday, had problems with the one from Friday. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Visit to the Delta

Last weekend we went on our annual pilgrimage to the Mississippi Ducks Unlimited State Convention. More about that later, but for now I'll share a few Instagram pics. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Vintage Camera

A new camera for the collection a sweet customer at work brought to me. Taking a little break this week, work has been super stressful so I've been stepping away from the computer at night and not pushing myself very hard. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Stories of the South - Part V Mantee, MS City Hall

Mantee Mississippi City Hall Hickory Ridge Studio

Mantee today is holding its own in a part of the county that's tucked away and generally off the beaten path.  Their City hall is well maintained and even has a little free library and my favorite item a bench dedicated to Mr. John Harold George.  

Mantee Mississippi City Hall Hickory Ridge Studio

Mantee Mississippi City Hall Hickory Ridge Studio

Mantee Mississippi City Hall Hickory Ridge Studio

They even have their own Facebook page where current mayor Frances Baker will keep you abreast of all the major news such as getting out the vote, BBQ dinners, the community yard sale, and the famous Black-eyes Pea Festival.

Mantee and everyone there is genuinely trying hard to keep the town going and it shows in the neatness of the buildings, the newly installed street lights, and the maintenance of the roads.  It's refreshing in Mississippi when so many of our small towns have been practically abandoned and are falling down around our ears.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour and thank you for indulging me in my rose colored memories.  Believe it or not there's still a few things in Mantee that I missed so I'll be making a return trip sometime soon.  Until then we'll move back to some Noxubee County history next week.  Until them my lovelies, take care of yourselves and stay cool!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Stories of the South - Mantee, MS Part IV Post Office

Mantee MS Post Office Hickory Ridge Studio

Mantee MS Post Office Hickory Ridge Studio

I can remember being a little girl and me, my Aunt Mary, and my MaPep would load up in her two tone brown Dodge Aspen and go spend the weekend at her house in Hohenlinden.  When I was five or so she moved in with my Dad's parents across the pasture  so she could have help caring for my great-grandfather PawPep.  After he passed away she decided she didn't need to be living way out in the country by herself but that didn't mean she wouldn't stay the weekend.  On the way there we always had to stop in Woodland at the post office where she had her mail from the house forwarded.  MawPep had a post office box but more often than than not they just handed it to her through the window.  Can you even imagine doing that today?  Even then I thought it was a tiny post office compared to Houston or even Montpelier.  Looking at it now there are closets out there bigger than the lobby.  But in a town of a 100 or so people do you really need more than that?

Mantee MS Post Office Hickory Ridge Studio

Mantee MS Post Office Hickory Ridge Studio

Got to love the mix of old and new post office boxes.

There has been a post office in Mantee since at least 1895, but this building is more modern of course.  I have looked and looked online but have been unable to find when this particular building was built.  Anyone out there know?  Please comment below!

I've got one more post in this series and it will be up tomorrow!  I normally don't post on the weekend but I sat down Monday night and typed everything up so it's ready and sitting on go.  Thanks so much for the nice comments on these posts that I've received here and on Facebook and Instagram.  We're headed to Memphis today to see the Ducks Unlimited National Headquarters and the new Bass Pro Shop in the newly renovated pyramid.  Yes, Memphis, Tennessee has a pyramid - kinda fitting don't you think?  (Memphis, TN = Memphis, Egypt haha.)  Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stories of the South - Mantee, MS Part III George's Market and Farm Supply

Mantee Beauty Bar Mantee Mississippi Hickory Ridge Studio

Saturdays growing up was the day we went to town.  Mom and Dad both worked in Starkville but we did very little shopping in Starkville.  I’ve grown to understand this as an adult. I work in Columbus during the week and the last thing I want to do on the weekends is drive back!  Mom grew up in Houston so she would rather shop there, and still does.  Dad grew up spending his summers in Woodland while my grandfather was in the Air Force so Chickasaw County is home to both of them and we like to support our friends and family.  So Saturdays were spent going to the BANK and buying groceries.  Mantee was where we could do all of that for a long time.   We also usually needed to get some feed or fencing or something for the farm from George’s Market and Farm Supply which was fine with me. I loved going there as a kid.  It was the definitive meeting spot for all the farmers in the county and the area around the big long counter usually had two or three farmers shooting the breeze, talking cattle and crops, and how Cumberland or Houston were going to do that year in football. I also knew if I went with Daddy we were going to split a Snickers bar and a coke in a real glass bottle.  I’d watch the traffic and what was going on at Springer’s Service Station and Daddy would talk to Mr. John Harold and Mr. Johnny George.  Mr. John Harold George Sr. and Mr. John (Johnny) Harold George Jr. owned and ran the store.  Mr. Johnny George ran the store himself for 23 years until it closed around 1999.  As his obituary stated he was a true gentleman and a Vietnam Vet who earned a Bronze Star for his service.  To this day I can still see him behind the counter patiently listening to my spill about what I was selling for school that day and smiling as he pulled out a couple of dollars or five to buy some candy or donate to St. Jude’s.  He passed away much too young in 2003 at 56.  The store is empty now but how I wish I could go in just one more time.