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Stories of the South - Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek Part II

Four months after the signing of the Indian Removal Act the commissioners traveled to Mississippi to begin treaty negotiations.  Once Colonel Coffee arrived he started to establish a campground for the negotiations.  Colonel George S. Gaines was assigned to gather provisions for the meeting.  How many people were they providing groceries for at the treaty site?  Some numbers are 3000 and others I’ve read were 6000, but regardless there were a lot of people coming for this meeting. Gaines hired a well known Alabama frontiersman Sam Dale to assist in gathering and transporting supplies including cattle he drove to the meeting site.  Dale ended up settling in the area afterward becoming one of the first settlers of Lauderdale County and founding the town of Daleville.  

We get most of our eyewitness accounts from Henry Halbert.  Through his writings, we also get the greatest understanding of Choctaw culture.  Henry Halbert lived from 1827-1916 and was a Catholic missionary and teacher to …

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