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Foodie Fridays - Israeli Chopped Salad

Salad has a bad reputation as simply rabbit food. You toss some lettuce and veggies together and drown it in ranch dressing hoping to make it tasty. Salad though is a loose term that applies to lots of side dishes and other cultures look at salad very differently than we do in America. This salad is the most well known dish in Israel and is simply known as vegetable salad or chopped salad and is served at roadside stands along with sandwiches. It’s a very simple salad that has not one piece of lettuce but instead uses chopped vegetables and a simple dressing of lemon juice and olive oil. It’s a crisp and refreshing salad that is perfect for potluck lunches or barbeques since there’s nothing to wilt. There are many, many variations of this salad depending on what area of Israel you are in or where those immigrants have moved. In North Africa they add preserved lemon peel and cayenne pepper, In India they add green chillies and ginger, and in Russia they dice the vegetables very finely …

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