Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life and Emergency Straps

*Note: I wrote this a whillllle back and I wish I had dated this in my notebook, but unfortunately I did not.  I know it was around the time that Suzassippi wrote her post titled Pulling Leather and that was back in February.  I told yall I have a lost of stuff that needs to be posted!  I write a lot at lunch but then I have to find the time to type it up and somehow this year I can't seem to find, beg, or borrow any spare time.*

There was a great post a while back on Suzassippi's blog about "Pulling Leather", you can read that post HERE.  My little story for today started in the comments of that post and I thought I would elaborate a bit.

Several years ago while I was still in college we rode up to Houston one Friday night to work horses at the Coliseum.  My dun horse was young and green and while he didn't full out buck he did get bronky from time to time and little momma right here ain't no bronk buster.  Sitting a buck has never been one of my talents.

A cowboy friend, who's a real deal cowboy and one heck of a hand was on a grey horse we had never seen before.  This wasn't unusual as he took in horses to ride from time to time and bought and sold a few as well.  But run through the pommel of his saddle was a leather dog collar.  Now as we said this man is a real, true cowboy and can sit most any horse.  His wife barrel races and he usually rides her young horses until they are ready to start training with her.  So he's rode a few colts in his time.

I had rode over to where my Dad was standing and asked did he think that was a roper thing?  He scratched his beard, shrugged, and said he didn't know.  It was the first time either of us had seen a dog collar run though the front of a saddle like that.  I rode off and Daddy sidled over to talk, because that's what a Daddy does on a Friday night while their daughter rides.  I knew then he was going to find out about that dog collar.  They talked and I could hear them laugh and I stopped again to see what was so funny.

Come to find out this was a horse from a local cowboy and breeder.  He had a stud for years that threw a bunch of good cow horses and they all were grey just like him.  And just like that stud they all had a little cold backed streak.

And had a reputation for being a bit of a bronc...sometimes.

The cowboy tipped back his hat when I asked about the collar and looked at it hanging there on his saddle and then back at me with a grin.  "That there is my emergency strap."  He laughed and continued, "Like I was telling your Daddy this big boy has a pretty good buck and I ain't as young as I used to be."  He demonstrated how to use it, we laughed, and I rode off again.

Daddy came home the next day with a two inch wide leather dog collar from the co-op.

I put it through the pommel of my saddle and used it religiously for the first year or two I rode that dun horse.  It was just enough to help me when he got a little fresh and gave me a big boost of confidence.  Just what I needed.

Sometimes we all need a little emergency strap to hold onto.  Sometimes that's people, sometimes it's faith.  But we can't be afraid to ask or need a little help when things get rough.  Hang in there my lovelies.  Hold tight and know there's always someone out there thinking of you and don't be afraid to accept that help when it presents itself.   

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Over it.

This picture has nothing to do with anything.  It just makes me smile.

I am so over paperwork.  I have reached my end of the year burn out a little bit too early.  It normally hits about Thanksgiving and lets up somewhere around the first of the year.

I guess it would be all that fresh start business we sell ourselves at New Years.

All I want to do right now is read and write and sew and make things with my hands.  I want to cook and have time to clean and paint the inside of my house.  I want to throw out the things cluttering up our lives and make my family's surroundings beautiful.  I want to go ride a horse so early in the morning the sun isn't up and I need a jacket.  

I would also need someone to pay me to do all those things.  Not that I need monetary reimbursement, but because I have bills to pay and I don't think the water department takes self satisfaction in a job well done.


Monday, October 13, 2014


I got half of a post done Friday at lunch and was working on it Friday night when my phone died.  I wasn't home to finish it because I was in Calhoun City watching this...

central academy vikings calhoun academy mississippi football

That would be our Central Academy Vikings getting their game plan together before the 4th quarter.  They went on to win against Calhoun Academy at their homecoming!  This puts the Vikings at 6-0 and one win away from a spot in the play offs.  Great job guys!  They play my alma mater Hebron Christian this Friday night.  I have some more pictures but haven't had time this weekend to sit and process anything as usual.  I got up Saturday morning and worked with my horses, rode around and took a few more pictures, and then watched my Bulldogs pull off another win against Texas A&M!  They are now 6-0 by the way too.  And oh, just became the NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE COUNTRY!

I'm not a football fan, as most of you know, but I can be excited that we have two Mississippi Teams, Mississippi State University and the University of Mississippi, in the top 5 in the nation.  
That doesn't happen everyday you know.  

Happy Monday my lovelies!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall/Winter Goals

I'm back from vacation!  I'm refreshed and full of  newly found energy.  I've decided I would like to make out some fall goals for myself and maybe share some with you as I progress through them.  Maybe it will keep me accountable and on track.  Pretty soon the time will change and I'll have to spend more time inside after work so this is the time of year that I spend sewing, practicing instruments, and generally being a homemaking nerd.

Personal Fitness Goals:
1.  Start to workout more.
Yoga at least three times a week and some sort of aerobic activity twice a week.  I used to do yoga six and seven days a week but that was before a 40 hour a week job and a 2 year old.  So I'm going to try and be realistic with myself.

2.  Continue eating well.
I've gotten myself down to one or two days a week eating out and bringing my lunch the rest of the time.  I've pretty much quit stopping to get breakfast on the way and instead have been having a piece of fruit, some toast, or a left over biscuit from the previous night's meal and I can tell a difference. Less carbonated beverages, more water, and less sugar in general.

Sewing Goals:

1.  Trendy kimono with fringe.
YES. Must Make STAT!

2.  Pullover knit shirts.
I got some fine knit from a great seller on eBay that provided swatches!  This is definitely the way to go.  I will never ever buy fabric online again without swatches.  Sure sign of a quality up and up seller.

3.  Maxi dress, maybe 2.
I have a great maxi dress pattern all ready to go, I even made a muslin.  Just need to pick a fabric cut and sew.

Music Goals:
1.  Just get in there and play the piano and have fun.  Don't stress about it, don't try to be perfect, just have fun.
2.  Sit outside and play the dulcimer.  I won't have a hard time with this once the weather cools off.
3.  Dear Self, please open that new guitar book you bought.

Blogging Goals:

1.  Blog at least three times a week.

2.  Write up those lovely long fact filled post I was working on a couple of months ago that are moldering away in my notebook.

3.  Bring back Mexican Monday!

And I'm going to let that be it.  I have a tendency to schedule too much for myself.  I'm not superwoman.  I have a limited amount of time during the week, but that doesn't mean I can't get some stuff done.  Dear Self, please read that previous sentence several times.  Maybe even tattoo it on your forehead.

Do you have any goals you're working on right now?  I'd love to hear about them.  Later my lovelies!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Cowgirl in Training

My baby girl is terrified of lawnmowers, 4-wheelers, and tractors.  Refuses to ride on them with you. 

BUT put her on a 900 pound horse and she laughs and grins and says, "I ride the pony!"  

When asked after this picture was she ready to get down I was promptly informed, "NO."

My Joker man loves kids and is so careful and still when Allie sits up there.  It's slightly amazing.  Love that big dummy and this little curly haired spitfire.