Friday, December 19, 2014

Last minute gifts - for that hard to shop person

We all have that hard to shop for person in our lives, and usually it's a guy.  At least it is for me.  My two guys, the hubby and my daddy while I love them dearly are not that easy to shop for AT ALL!

So I've tried to be creative and come up with a few things they might like and thought I would share that with you.

1.  Kobalt Snake Light:  Get it at Lowe's

I love these!  I gave these last year and they were a total hit.  The magnets in them are really strong and the different settings give you light options for whatever you're doing.  My dad loves to hang his around his neck when he's out on the farm leaving his hands free to do whatever it is he's doing.

2.  Ebay gift cards

Everyone loves Ebay.  It's just a fact.  Pick your price and you can either ship a card through the mail or email the info directly to the recipient.

3. Portable Air Compressor get it at Auto Zone.

This is a really neat thing to just throw in the trunk or behind the seat and forget about.  It will air up tires in a reasonable amount of time and if you get this kind it has a strong light built in which would be great for helping to change tires in the dark or act as a marker light on a busy roadway.  

4.  Dollar Shave Club.

Now this won't apply to the beard wearers in your family like my dad, but for my husband that would rather be clean shaven this is a great gift.  You can set up to have new razors sent out for as little as a dollar a month!  I never knew how expensive good razors were until I got married since my Dad has worn a full beard since before I was born.  This is a great plan for men like my husband that need a good quality razor to keep from having bumps and razor burn and hate the high price and the frustration of finding just the kind of razor you like.

5.  Omaha Steaks

99.99999% of men like a good steak.  I've purchased from them before and they ship fast and the product is great.  There's something there for every budget and you never know you might get lucky and get to share in a great steak or two.

Maybe that gave you a couple of ideas and most of these you can find online so they don't even require wrapping.  I guess you could print out the confirmation and box that up now that I think about it.  Merry Christmas Yall!

Feeling a little out of sorts....

As much as I love Christmas I feel like I'm barely treading water keeping my head above the waves.  I've been shopping on my lunch hour every day but Monday this week (torrential rains) and will probably have to finish up my shopping in the rain today.  The only time I really have is on my lunch hour and that's been kinda cutting into my blog planning so please bear with me.  I'm hoping though after this weekend I'll pretty much be set for my presents except for those one or two that you inevitable forget about.  Saturday will definitely be a wrapping day for me and then Sunday will be an entire day at Church, service that morning and then the Christmas program and party that night.  Next week will I'll still be at work and will have to work Christmas Eve.  I'm a pretty good planner, but this year I just let things get away from me.  I LOVE Thanksgiving, it's my favorite holiday and I just can't get in the Christmas spirit until afterwards.  I may have to change that in the years to come and that saddens me.

So forget that.  I'll just keep doing what I love and do the best I can when it comes to Christmas.

And in all this I'm going to find some time for just us, just family, and appreciate that I do have people to shop for and do for and fuss over.  Many people don't have that this time of year and it's a blessing to just have people to shop for and spend time with.

Something to remind myself as I wade through traffic, wait in line, and curse wrapping paper that's just a little too short.  Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday and we'll see ya next week if not before!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Santa's Sleigh

Santa's sleigh and reindeer in Woodland, MS.  I know it's hard to tell but the sleigh is bigger than my car and the deer are probably 10 to 12 feet high.

Friday, December 5, 2014

I'm Done!

I've been obsessively stitching away at these two pillowcases all week and I finished up last night.  I finished two cross stitched pillowcases in one week.  That's gotta be some sort of record.  They are addictive I tell you!  Now I have to put myself on any sort of stitching hiatus until the house is cleaned up this weekend and decorated for Christmas.  Maybe that will put me in some sort of house cleaning overdrive and I'll hurry up and get done and can decide if I want to start another set of pillowcases or do I want to start on my quilt blocks.  Happy weekend everyone!

*edit* Man!  Just saw all the craziness on this post. That's the last time I post on my phone at lunch!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's that time of year!

And no I don't mean Christmas.....please.  It's time for the National Finals Rodeo!  

I'll be glued to the TV for 10 glorious nights of barrel racing and watching to see what Fallon Taylor is wearing.  I'll be rooting for Kaley Bass, I'd love to see a southern cowgirl as world champion again and Kaley is from Florida.  I'll also be rooting for Fallon Taylor of course and also for Christie Loflin.  I also love our resident school teacher Trula Churchill from Nebraska.  Why didn't I become a school teacher?  All the ladies are great to watch and I've got my DVR set.  

Long live cowboys!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Technical Difficulties

Well, as usual if it's not one thing it's twelve others.  I sat down last night to do some work and wouldn't you know it the internet was down.  I was confused because I had four bars on my WiFi but it kept saying no internet service.  My phone was a bust also because it does not pick up enough service inside to do anything much but text.   So what did I do?

I worked on this pre-printed cross-stitch pillowcase I picked up at Al's 5 & 10 in Gulf Shores while we were on vacation.  I see now why my grandmother liked these things.  There is something calming and a little bit therapeutic about following the pattern and the simple up and down, in and out of the needle.  I stayed up way too late working on this.  Hope you all had a great first day back at school/work.  Later my lovelies! 

Thursday, November 27, 2014