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A Look Back....5 years of Blogging

In April 2012 I had just had a baby.  I was stuck at home due to having had an emergency C-section with Allie and one afternoon as she was napping in the window I thought about having a blog.  I had tried to blog a little bit back in 2010/2011 But that first blog Hill Raised, which still exists, just never really took off.  I don’t know what the issue was I just never found my voice.  That afternoon in August 24, 2012 I was sitting in the recliner and just thinking.  I missed photography and art and writing and creating and it made my heart sad.  After so many years and years and a honestly a lifetime of creating I found myself in insurance sales (18 year old me would have been like whhuuuttt?) working with numbers (I know, a shock to every math teacher I ever had in school ever), learning how to mitigate loss, caring about commission percentages, and just generally being an adult in a way that I never could have imagined in my teenage years.  
But inside the heart of this new, mature,…

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