I love big red tractors.  I also love red trucks. 

Ok let's face it.  I love all things red. 

I also love International tractors.  I grew up driving one before I could reach the pedals.  My dad has owned several and has only recently bought a different brand due to fuel economy.  But the Internationals are still on the place and have been the workhorses of our family farm for probably thirty years or so.  We have a model 706 (lovingly known as grandma and the tractor I drove the most to tetter and rake hay) and a moedel 966.  I do believe that the tractor below is a 966.  They are a joy to drive and the 966 is a beast!  It's much taller than the 706 and will absolutely fly down the highway.  The power stearing is awesome and if they are right you can drive them with one finger.  

There's literally nothing better than driving one of these on a hot July day raking hay, getting  your tan on, and feeling the accomplishment of doing a good day's work.  Working in an office will never give me the feeling of "doing" something like driving a tractor does.  I think the only thing better than driving is riding on the fender while my dad drives watching the round haybailer roll out bales of hay behind you. 

966 International Hickory Ridge Studio

966 International Hickory Ridge Studio



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