Finding my place

I spent the first three years out of college clawing and scratching trying to build a photography business.  That didn't work. 

Simple as that.

I tried my best.  I gave it my all.  I even rented a space in West Point.  The economy crashed and I did too.  It seemed no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get ahead.  So, I took a break. 

I went into insurance.  Never on my radar of things I would have seen myself doing after college but it seems to have worked out okay.  I feel like I've clawed and scratched just as hard but I got a toe holt this time and I think it's going to work.

What does that have to do with photography?  Well, I'm trying to find my place again.  I have this thing called freedom.  I can pick and choose what I want to do.  If I want to go out and take pictures of silos and cows I can.  If I want to take portraits of a senior I will.  I'm enjoying getting out and taking some landscape photos of around home and even some really cute portraits of my daughter.  (Those will be up real soon, I promise.)

I love history and I love the south and I love my home state.  I'm not ashamed to be from the country and I want to share my love and appreciation for my home with others. 

So that's what I'm going to do.  I'm going to enjoy my art.  What a concept right?  Hopefully I can start marketing myself again.  I'm going to pursue a project I have in my brain right now.  I'm going to enjoy the process and find my place and my joy. 

If this is all a little too crunchy granola hemp sandal for you I apologize.  Every once in a while the artist comes out in me in full force and has to go somewhere.  Hope you are having a wonderful day my lovelies.  Pictures again soon!



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