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My lovelies!  I’m working on projects that I love right now and can’t wait to share with you when I get a little further along but I just want to say right off the bat how excited I am by all the responses I’ve been receiving on the blog, through email, on Facebook, Instagram, and in real life.  I’ve stepped out there a little more and have been sharing my writing and photography and it’s all been good.   

The terror of the artist is not to create for that is life and breath.  The terror of the artist is to share the work we’ve put our soul into and hope that is isn’t dismissed, laughed at, or mocked.  To me in art school there was nothing more terrifying than standing up in front of a room of my peers to explain and defend my work.  It’s the thing of which nightmares are made.  

But let’s have a little followup shall we?  

Cooksville United Methodist Church
The post about my church of course attracted some attention.  Thank goodness the congregation was very supportive and complimentary about my writing and even got a mention or two during service that Sunday.  I’m not too proud to admit that I was quite a bit nervous about the reaction seeing as how I’m a fairly new member but everyone seemed to enjoy it.  I was even given the history book for the church (to borrow) with newspaper clippings, pictures, and old programs.  It’s a treasure trove of information and I’m working on something with it right now that I’m going to keep in my hip pocket.  More to come on that as I go along.

Now, this was a post that generated a flurry of interest on Facebook.  Several people replied with their remembrances of dinners and singings at the school and their time there as kids.  One gentleman in particular shared how his grandfather donated the land for the school and while digging the new well for the building was killed in a drilling accident.  Things like this are what fuel my fire for this little project that I do - this is the stuff they don’t teach in history class!  

One of my favorite posts is about the Gulf Ordnance Plant in Prairie.  I’ve had several nice comments on the blog and I’ve had some emails too.  I contacted Brent Coleman as well who I referenced in the post for info and pictures.  He was nice enough to send me a copy of his publication about the plant.  I’ve been reading over and it and it’s just wonderful.  Thank you so much Brent! You can visit his site HERE.

I’m sorry to my friends that I haven’t been commenting much lately, I have been reading, but my writing/editing window at night is pretty narrow so it’s either read blogs (and fall down the rabbit hole) or spend my time editing pics and doing research.  You can guess what I’ve been doing.  Thank you so much for continuing to read and comment, I really do appreciate it.  You are as always my lovelies and we’ll talk to you next week!


  1. I know what you mean about the small writing window. I love reading blogs and visiting on Facebook, but that takes up my research and writing time! I'm anxious to hear more from you!


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