A little tiny preview....

For the purpose of keeping myself accountable I thought I might share what the cover for my ebook cookbook is looking like right now….

I’m in the middle of editing text and tweaking things here and there in the writing.  Each recipe will be sort of like how my newspaper articles read but will not be so date specific as they are each week for the column.  If that makes sense.  

The layout is going to be very simple and minimal so if you do want to print it then you can without wasting a lot of ink.  I’m trying not to nitpick this to death or get overwhelmed by the many, many, MANY choices to host and distribute the ebook either.  Which is hard. Right now I'm looking at blurb.com as they seem to have the easiest and simplest and hosting method and if anyone is interested in an honest to goodness print copy then they can do that as well. If anyone has any other companies for me to look at I'm happy and thankful for the suggestions.

I guess I'm going to do this. I'm going to actually publish a book of sorts.  

Also if you would be interested in proof reading after I go through it a few more times shoot me an email at lanapugh@gmail.com.

Later my lovelies!


  1. I like the cover choice--beautiful color and simple text.


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