A little break....

Sorry it has been a while since the last post.  Going back to work and taking care of my new little bitty has been sucking up much of my time.  As well as house work, figuring out what to do with a copious crop of tomatoes, and somehow finding time to indugle myself in the things I love.  This weekend me, the hubby, and baby girl headed on down to spend the weekend with my husband's family in Gulf Shores, AL.  I do love the beach but was a little hesitant how much fun it would be with a 4 month old child in tow.  (Never doubt how much I love my child, but my past experience of hauling her somewhere has not gone very well.)  This time she was an absolute angel and has charmed and flirted outrageously with the entire family.  Me, I've absored some personal time of walking along the beach, taking pictures, drinking a few adult beverages, and swimming.  The food has been wonderful, the locale excellent, and all and all I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Below are a few pictures of the house we stayed in and the lovely scenery along the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. 

I have a slew of pictures to show you and some yummy recipes for tomatoes as well as some pictures of my home in Noxubee County.  I'm going to try and get back to some photography and post pictures of this interesting part of the state.  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and I'll be back sooon with new pictures and a couple of recipes for you.  

Beach Kayak Hickory Ridge Studio.

Beach House Hickory Ridge Studio

Shoreline Hickory Ridge Studio

Seaweed Hickory Ridge Studio

Sea Oats Hickory Ridge Studio

The View Hickory Ridge Studio

Perfection Hickory Ridge Studio

Beautiful Gulf Shores Hickory Ridge Studio


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