It's my birthday!

Gratuitous birthday post!  I really don't mind one bit of turning 31.  After all the stupid things I did growing up, the horses I've come off of, the bones I've broken, and everything else I'm just happy to be here.

And since it's my birthday I'm going to tell you what I'm going to buy when I hit the lottery.  After paying off all my bills I'm going to splurge and buy a piece from Alabama Chanin.  If you don't know who or what that is I encourage you to go to her website and take a look around.  Natalie Chanin established the business and runs it out of her hometown of Florence, Alabama.  Every piece is hand sewn by local artisans and they are absolutely gorgeous. 

Alabama Chanin Hickory Ridge Studio

I am a huge admirer of her work and can't wait to see every new collection.  Have a wonderful Monday friends and have a piece of cake for me!


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