I have never outgrown the horse phase of my life and at this point I don't think I ever will.  At 31 and with 24 years of riding under my belt this is a a life long obsession that I have no plans of getting over.  I currently have four horses which is really two too many but two I have raised (so they're not going anywhere), one was purchased for my husband and has turned out to be a pretty good competition horse, and the third was purchased last fall to train and have waiting in the wings as the other three get older.  She might be ready for my daughter by the time she is old enough to ride.  These are just a few pictures.  And are only two of the four.  The top pictures are of (from left to right) the landowners horse Butch, my mare Casino, and my dun gielding Joker.    

horses Hickory Ridge Studio

Joker Hickory Ridge Studio

Joker looking especially buff and handsome.  The light that afternoon was really pretty.  I wish the pictures were better but they were more intersted in getting fed than playing model. 

Casino Hickory Ridge Studio

And my lovely girl Casino.  She is the sweetest girl. 


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