Here lately.....

Things around here lately have been slow.  Slowing down and enjoying life.  Taking the time to not rush, not stress, and simply be.  I've needed this for a while now.  I especially need this at home because work has been so crazy!

We've been enjoying brand new markers. 

Old sewing machines.  (My Singer 99 built in 1948 was sixty six years old this April.)

Quilt piecing with my old machine. 

Pressing those quilt pieces 


And cooking and of course eating.  

Happy Tuesday friends!


  1. Slow and simple, taking life easy the way it's supposed to be! I just love those little Singers! I have two modern, computer machines but for piecing I use the Featherweight. I love the way it sounds and it is comforting to know I'm using something from the past.

    1. I have a mechanical Singer that my Granny purchased for me in 2000 when my Singer Stylemate (a machine purchased by my Mom in a Pawn Shop for my 13th birthday and I wish I still had) died in the middle of my prom dress, a serger, and an embroidery machine which I absolutely do NOT use enough. I also have a Rockford sewing machine which is a clone of a singer 15 as close as I can tell that was a gift from my great aunt. I love my newer machines but for precise stitching nothing beats a good straight stitch machine.

    2. I meant to say mechanical Kenmore. doh.

  2. My grandmother gave me her old Singer that looked a lot like yours. I used it for years. It is in the storage shop at my folks now--I don't sew any more.

    1. I've been sewing on a machine since I was 13 and I'll be 33 this year. I really didn't get serious about it until after I got out of college. I still think of myself as an intermediate sewer and will probably never get to the level that my grandmother was. Every single thing she made was lined, hand hemmed with lace hem tape, and meticulously finished.

    2. My mother was an accomplished seamstress, as was my sister. That gene skipped me. :)

  3. i love this :)
    life has been slowing down for me, too. i've been getting more time to sew and just get things done in general. summer was fun, but crazy busy. glad you're enjoying your lovely old machine. too many of those things are just sitting in attics all lonely and breaking down.


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