Technical Difficulties

Well, as usual if it's not one thing it's twelve others.  I sat down last night to do some work and wouldn't you know it the internet was down.  I was confused because I had four bars on my WiFi but it kept saying no internet service.  My phone was a bust also because it does not pick up enough service inside to do anything much but text.   So what did I do?

I worked on this pre-printed cross-stitch pillowcase I picked up at Al's 5 & 10 in Gulf Shores while we were on vacation.  I see now why my grandmother liked these things.  There is something calming and a little bit therapeutic about following the pattern and the simple up and down, in and out of the needle.  I stayed up way too late working on this.  Hope you all had a great first day back at school/work.  Later my lovelies! 


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