Amos Dog

If you would, please take a moment to think good thoughts for my partner in crime Amos Moses, or Amos Dog as Allie calls him.  He has somehow injured a disk in his neck and is partially paralyzed in all four legs.  He has moments where he can sit up and move a little but other than that it's touch and go right now.  We've been to two vets since Sunday and yesterday we had x-rays done that didn't show much other than maybe a small issue with a disk in his cervical spine (neck.)  He's on an aggressive drug therapy and complete kennel rest for the next 21 days.  I'm seeing some small signs of improvement but we have a long way through the woods just yet.  

Amos is a longer dachshund, but he's lean and we really try to keep him off the furniture and the bed but stuff like this happens with these dogs.  

Surgery is not a viable option for me as it is somewhere around $2500 to $3000 at our local vet school and I've yet to hear about a really good experience with the surgery and recovery.  So, right now I will do the absolute best I can for him and wait and see over the next week or so.  

He's my little buddy.  I got him literally right after we got back from our honey moon so he turned 8 this month and we'll have had him 8 years in June.  He's the best natured weenie dog I've ever been around and life would sure be different without him.  So, if you have a moment to spare, spare it on Amos.


  1. Several moments to spare, and always for our four-pawed friends. I know there is no way around the difficulty, so I will just wish you lots of support--real and virtual--during this time. Amos Dog is lucky you are his human.

  2. Oh, Lana, how sad this is to read. I'm sending you and Amos all the good thoughts I can! I hope the drugs and rest will help him recover. These little dachshund backs are so fragile!

  3. oh little guy, words do not express my love for wiener dogs, having owned them before as well. Here's hopes and prayers for that special friend, for no other friends really compare to dogs.

  4. Thank you everyone! He is doing much better I'm happy to report and I have hope that with more rest he just might make a full recovery. We'll just have to see.


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