A New Toy and a Tool

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 Abandoned Store near Hohenlinden, MS Chickasaw County

For the past couple of years I’ve been doing all my work on a Mac ibook.  From 2004.  

Let me reiterate that….a Mac laptop from 2004.  That means this year that laptop is 13 years old.  I’ve had to work on it here and there, it’s still kicking along though, but it’s so out of date that I can’t use it on the internet at all.  My safari is so out of date that it can’t pull up most websites.  This meant that I would edit pictures and make my graphics on it, save them to a jump drive, and then type and post to my blog on a 5 year old Acer laptop.  

What can I say, I take good care of my stuff and make it last.  But everything has it’s breaking point.  The Acer needs a complete overhaul, but even then I don’t know if it’s exactly worth fixing.  I am going to have it looked at.  No need in throwing away perfectly good electronics.  If nothing else it could be something for Allie to learn on without having her destroy something that would make me cry.  

So to say that my workflow has been a little cumbersome is sugar coating things.  Let’s not even talk about what I went through writing my cookbook.  That honestly was the straw that broke the camel’s back and made me really admit that what I was doing was ridiculous and that I HAD to get a new computer. And lately the Acer more often than not needs some babying and petting to work correctly.  I have been saving my pennies and longing for a MacBook Pro.  I saved up and pulled the trigger while we were in Jackson for the Ducks Unlimited Mississippi state convention. I conned my hubby into taking me there and after looking at the 15 and the 13 inch laptops decided to stay with a 13 inch and I bought myself one of the brand new 2017 models.  

To say I am excited is an understatement.  It’s like trading in a Ford Pinto and buying a brand new Porsche Boxster.  My version of Photoshop was probably 6 to 8 years old too and getting to download Lightroom and the new Photoshop is honestly a little intimidating.  It’s familiar but it’s still soooo different.  I’ve been watching YouTube tutorials and watching the tutorials on the Adobe website and I feel like I’m on a constant loop of saying, “that is so cool!” and “OMG.” If anyone wants to point me at your favorite tutorials please feel free.  I honestly don’t know where to start.  Here’s to the learning curve!

I have so many pictures that I’ve never edited from the last several years because honestly it had just gotten so cumbersome, time consuming,and frustrating.  I mean, yall, I get to go back to shooting in RAW again.  I am beyond over the moon about that simple fact.  Just let me be a photo nerd for just a minute.  

Ok, minute over.  

So watch this space for future content.  I don’t have the excuse of aging slow equipment anymore.  So let’s get this blog back up and running, shall we?  

Hope I don’t disappoint.     


  1. You go girl! I had to update my internet connection (I was still on DSL) because if I could even connect I would be booted off - lost so much stuff and wasted way too much time. I need Photoshop tutorials, too! Now I'm shopping for a new camera. :)

    1. Thank goodness our internet has alway been pretty good here, but then again when I got married in 2007 we still only had dial up where I lived! This computer is so nice and photoshop has changed so much. Just learning how to bridge from Lightroom to Photoshop has been a challenge. I hope I can start remembering some of the stuff I've learned in these videos but it's a lot of info to take in. I'll definitely post some of my favorites here if you're interested. A new camera is next for me too. I have the Nikon D90 which is a really great camera. I've read online where it still beats some of the newer stuff that's out now. But I'll have a few years yet before I get to upgrade. Lots of time to shop and wish!


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