Barn by the highway

Old Barn Hwy 388 Hickory Ridge Studio
Old Barn Hwy 388 Hickory Ridge Studio

These pictures are from another one of those days riding through the country with the baby asleep and I stop right quick to take a picture.  It's yet another view from Hwy 388.  This huge old barn sits by the side of the road on the east side, you almost miss it as it sits back amongst some trees in a curve of the road. 

You have to park on the opposite side of the road to get a picture as it's hard to tell where the driveway is and it sits so close to the road that to get the entire building in the frame without a wide angle lens you have to step away from it quite a bit. 

I'm thinking this was an old mule barn as there's quite a big loft up top and just the general shape of the building.  There's not a lot of these old barns left and there are several more around Macon that I would like to get pictures of.  I'm really enjoying these rural landscape pictures, I hope you are as well. 

Have a great day!  Until next time my lovelies!


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