Mexican Mondays - Taco Seasoning Mix

We eat a lot a LOT of Mexican food at our house.  We all love it, it's quick to make, cheap, and can be as low fat as you choose to make it.  Many of the ingredients are the same just combined in different ways so once you have a few staples on hand you can quickly throw together a meal.  

Now in full disclosure I am not Mexican.  There's not a drop in me.  I simply love to cook and eat Mexican food.  So these are not going to be true authentic Mexican recipes, more my interpretation and what I have to go on in my experience.  I am not in any way saying these are true authentic Mexican recipes.  

And no I haven't forgotten about Make it Monday, I have several of those in the works but I thought this would be a nice way to simplify searches on the blog.  

I'm going to start with basics so that once you have these you can hopefully put together an entire meal.  Today's recipe is for my homemade Taco Seasoning Mix

I've posted about this before but it's a staple in my pantry. I always have a big batch ready to go so it's easy to pull out and there when I need it.  All the ingredients you can find in any grocery store or dollar store.  Click the picture below or the link above to go to the recipe.  

Next time I'll share my recipe for enchilada sauce.  It only takes 10 minutes to make and is so delicious!  Let me know if this is something you're interested in!

Happy Monday my lovelies!


  1. I look forward to your enchilada sauce recipe! I live in the Tex-Mex capital of the world and we do eat a lot of Mexican food. You are right that it is cheap and (generally) easy to prepare. And so good to eat, too! It is comfort food to me!

    1. Thanks Beth, I hope you'll like my recipe. My husband likes it and he travels a good bit in Texas and gets to eat at some really good places in Houston. He likes the sauce I've been making and if he tells me its good I have to believe it because he would sure tell me if it wasn't!

    2. I'm anxious to put a batch together. I rarely buy the packages of mix, just season as I go, but it would be convenient to have it already mixed and ready to go!


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