I got half of a post done Friday at lunch and was working on it Friday night when my phone died.  I wasn't home to finish it because I was in Calhoun City watching this...

central academy vikings calhoun academy mississippi football

That would be our Central Academy Vikings getting their game plan together before the 4th quarter.  They went on to win against Calhoun Academy at their homecoming!  This puts the Vikings at 6-0 and one win away from a spot in the play offs.  Great job guys!  They play my alma mater Hebron Christian this Friday night.  I have some more pictures but haven't had time this weekend to sit and process anything as usual.  I got up Saturday morning and worked with my horses, rode around and took a few more pictures, and then watched my Bulldogs pull off another win against Texas A&M!  They are now 6-0 by the way too.  And oh, just became the NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE COUNTRY!

I'm not a football fan, as most of you know, but I can be excited that we have two Mississippi Teams, Mississippi State University and the University of Mississippi, in the top 5 in the nation.  
That doesn't happen everyday you know.  

Happy Monday my lovelies!


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