Feeling a little out of sorts....

As much as I love Christmas I feel like I'm barely treading water keeping my head above the waves.  I've been shopping on my lunch hour every day but Monday this week (torrential rains) and will probably have to finish up my shopping in the rain today.  The only time I really have is on my lunch hour and that's been kinda cutting into my blog planning so please bear with me.  I'm hoping though after this weekend I'll pretty much be set for my presents except for those one or two that you inevitable forget about.  Saturday will definitely be a wrapping day for me and then Sunday will be an entire day at Church, service that morning and then the Christmas program and party that night.  Next week will I'll still be at work and will have to work Christmas Eve.  I'm a pretty good planner, but this year I just let things get away from me.  I LOVE Thanksgiving, it's my favorite holiday and I just can't get in the Christmas spirit until afterwards.  I may have to change that in the years to come and that saddens me.

So forget that.  I'll just keep doing what I love and do the best I can when it comes to Christmas.

And in all this I'm going to find some time for just us, just family, and appreciate that I do have people to shop for and do for and fuss over.  Many people don't have that this time of year and it's a blessing to just have people to shop for and spend time with.

Something to remind myself as I wade through traffic, wait in line, and curse wrapping paper that's just a little too short.  Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday and we'll see ya next week if not before!


  1. oh i hope your season slows down soon! all the struggling and rushing can really take it's toll.
    i love that picture, it looks like my tiny town, or many i've see, with the vacant streets and storefronts.
    have a very merry christmas!!

  2. Lana, I think you took my thoughts and wrote them down. I'm hearing you loud and strong - you are not alone!


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