God's grace and God speed.....

I was shocked to learn in the Clarion Ledger this morning that Mr. Tom Freeland passed away this past Saturday.  I've enjoyed reading his blog North Mississippi Commentor for some time now after stumbling onto it somehow.  He covered the length and breadth of politics both local and national as well as throwing out some of his recipes to enjoy.  He was a lawyer from Oxford and reading his blog was like listening to a very well read uncle tell you all about the politics of a complicated state like Mississippi.  So long and farewell, the Mississippi blogging world just won't be the same without you Mr. Freeland.

picture from The Clarion Ledger


  1. I had not heard or seen that yet. I enjoyed Tom's blog, too, and especially some of the comments--they were often funny to me, though I am sure the authors did not intend humor. He commented on mine on occasion, depending on the nature of the post.


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