Sometimes life is funny after the fact....


I thought I would share my Facebook post from last night here. As I get a little more distance from it the funnier it gets. Last night thought was just one for the record books......

There's nothing like a long day at work that starts with a 9 am meeting in Oxford, ends with me deciding to clean out the back of my nasty car (I'm seriously thinking of banning all snacks and drinks in my car) being interrupted by a bare bottomed girl that is crying and asking for help with something suspiciously looking like poopoo on the back of her shirt, to walk in my bathroom to find quite a few surfaces smeared with poopoo. This caused said little girl to be stripped and put in the tub and sprayed down with the shower head, and the bathroom cleaned and sprayed down with antibacterial spray. Finished my car and as I was fixing supper looked up to see that she had all but pulled out every available toy. So now we have to pickup the toys before we head to bed in a minute and then I have to empty and fill the dishwasher, check and make sure all the poopoo has been washed out of my bathmat and talk myself out of drinking that half a bottle of moscato I have in my fridge. 

Have a kid they say. It will be a magical, wonderful experience they say. Only if by magical they mean psychotic and wonderful they mean ulcer inducing. 

Ps. I really do love her even if sometimes I feel like I live in the middle of an I Love Lucy episode.


  1. Yes, thank goodness, all things get funnier with a bit of time. I sort of had the same experience while Mom was in the hospital, although the bare bottom was a little bigger. LOL

  2. I'm smiling because I've been there and I've had lots of time since to enjoy those humorous times!


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