Vacation day, what's that?

How I spent my Monday....

Made breakfast 
Cleaned up breakfast
Filled the dishwasher 
Loaded the dryer
Loaded the washer
Swept the living room
Dust mopped the living room
Fixed sandwiches for lunch
Cleaned up after lunch
Swept the kitchen
Mopped the kitchen
Cleaned my kieureg coffee maker
Filled the dishwasher 
Washed one set of curtains
Washed two rugs
Washed dog bed
Hand washed some dishes
Washed dish towels
Put bbq chicken in oven
Washed my work clothes
Put Mac and cheese and green beans on to cook
Sorted 5 huge bags of clothes for Allie I was gifted
Put said clothes away 
Loaded up outgrown clothes to take to Palmer Home
Ate supper
Cleaned up after supper 
Fed the dogs
Filled the dishwasher for the third time 
Put another load of clothes in washer
Folded and put away clothes and towels 
Put Allie to bed 
Sacked up garbage
Put last load of clothes in dryer

And I'm sure I'm forgetting some other stuff. It was a full day that started about 7:30 a.m.

Now I am going to take a bath, doctor my sunburn, and get ready to go to work and rest. Night!


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