International Women's Day

I have this quote handwritten on the front of my computer at work.  I read it often when I’m on the phone and it helps a lot of days when things aren’t so good.  It also reminds me that maybe getting angry isn’t the answer.  Maybe I need to just listen and be quiet.  To keep trying.  

As women we try to do it all.  And today on International Women’s Day this quote seems so apropos.  Women around the world are quietly getting things done.  Women around the world go to bed every night saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”  I will try again to find food for my family.  I will try again to find clean water for them to drink.  I will try again to find a good and decent place for us to live.  I will try again to find a job.  I will try again to talk to my boss about a raise.  

I will try again tomorrow.  

I will try again tomorrow to make this world and myself better.  

I will try again tomorrow.  And tomorrow and tomorrow and the tomorrow after that.  

Keep trying ladies.  Keep digging.  Keep pushing.  Keep doing your very best.  

You may not succeed.  You may fail.  You just might though find that quiet courage to get you through the day.  

Keep at it.  Keep pushing.  Keep trying.  Keep living.  Keep loving.  

I hope you have a great day my lovelies.  Ladies and gents alike.  


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