The junk of life...

I am really making an effort this year to make good use of my time in the evenings and do stuff.  I want to be able to spend my weekends not doing stuff like cleaning and washing clothes and throwing away random junk so I’ve been trying to do that during the week.  I also feel guilty when I sit down to work on pictures or sewing or writing when my house is a wreck (I think that officially makes me an adult) so I’ve been trying to rein in the chaos.  Last week I went through our office and threw away and filed and just generally tidied up the place.  It still needs to be thoroughly vacuumed and dusted but we’ll get there.   

This past weekend we took down our old king size bed, deep cleaned the room (dusted, vacuumed, washed down baseboards, threw stuff away, put stuff in the attic, etc) and put up a new huge four poster bed we had inherited from my sweet mother-in-law.  I now have a bed worthy of a Natchez antebellum plantation in my bedroom.  It might be slightly ridiculous and fabulous.  It was made by a local woodworker who was famous for these beds.  He made and delivered them all over the country.  They are all custom made, by hand, one at a time.  This thing will outlive our grandchildren.  It’s also black walnut and slightly gorgeous and fabulous.  We did all that Saturday.  

Sunday we got up, went to church, made a sandwich for lunch, and started in on Allie’s room.  We took down her baby bed (I know, I know she should have been in a big girl bed a long time ago) and I cleaned the heck out of that room too.  Then we took a quick ride to the country and retrieved a full size bed for Allie that belongs to her sweet aunt.  Thank you!  Allie had picked out a Minnie Mouse comforter (found at Fred’s score! And I found the matching sheets and pillowcases at Wal-Mart last night, score again!)  Allie loves her new room.  LOVES.   Monday night when I came home I didn’t do diddly squat, I was exhausted plus my heel hurt like the devil.  (Possible bone spur, possible plantar fasciitis?  Who knows, gonna have to see the doctor about it)  

Tuesday night we came in and moved all her toys into her room from the living room, also her books, coloring box, a new chair from a different room for her stuffed toys, and all those puzzles.  Everything has a place and now. She has a whole room just for her to play in.  Momma might have been slightly dizzy with excitement.  Last night we made a quick run to Wal-Mart where we found the prized and matching Minnie Mouse sheets (the last ones in the store I think) as well as some new tennis shoes and fresh mozzarella cheese for momma.  

 The last of these in Columbus Walmart

I got Allie in the bed and then turned on a podcast and tackled my craft/sewing room.  Yall.  I am not allowed to buy any new fabric for the next 10 years or so.  All I should be buying is needles and thread.  That’s it.  Also, no new jewelry supplies or craft supplies.  I’ve been picking stuff up here and there on sale and have had some stuff given to me too.  This needs to be a stash busting year for me sewing wise.  That room finally has some order to it and needs to be vacuumed and dusted.  I think I can finally get in there and work now without feeling claustrophobic.  I’m probably a low level hoarder what can I say?  

Tonight’s effort is probably going to be dusting and sweeping the living room and probably purging some more stuff out of my kitchen.  Mommas on a mission.  I want this house ship shape so I can create and rest without looking around and feeling like a slacker because the house is messy.  Not dirty, just dusty and cluttered.  Death to clutter!  

Plus it’s raining like every day - time to do this so I can go play in the sunshine in the weeks to come.  I have some projects I’m working on and I really want to be able to spend time on them and now I’ll be able to guilt free.  

Thank you to the hubby for hauling and helping set up beds and to our certain good friend who helped move our new huge heavy pillow top mattress in place. 

Have you been feeling the spring time cleaning compulsion?  Do you have to have an organized area to work?  Do you feel guilty if your house is a little messy?  Let me know.  


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