Roasted Tomatoes

What to do with all those tomatoes? Grape tomatoes make more tomatoes than any sane person can eat, and after making a quick salsa out of them, corn salad, tomato salad, etc. I was looking for something new and something I could put up and use this winter. After searching online, I found something that looked intriguing...roasted tomatoes. Hmmmm..... It seemed simple enough and I just wish I had found the recipe a little sooner. They are simple as all get out and as addictive as tomato crack :) You can do the same thing with cherry tomatoes so pull together some ingredients and enjoy!

Roasted Tomatoes

Grape or Cherry Tomatoes
Olive Oil
Italian Seasoning
Fresh Minced Garlic
Preheat oven to 300 degrees F

Prepping tomatoes Hickory Ridge Studio

Rinse and drain tomatoes then cut in half.

Seasoning tomatoes Hickory Ridge Studio

Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt, pepper, Italian seasoning (no need to kill yourself for once when the store so nicely balances all those herbs out for you, but if you wish by all means use your own mixture), and fresh minced garlic. Mix and make sure the tomatoes are evenly coated.

Getting ready for the oven Hickory Ridge Studio

Spread the tomatoes out evenly on baking sheets. I lined mine with parchment paper, but you don't necessarily have to do this but it helps with clean up. If you don't have parchment paper, tin foil works too. Now, place in your oven and bake at 300 degrees for two hours. Check on them every so often to make sure they don't burn or get too overdone. They are done when they resemble grape raisins, slightly dried out but still soft in the center.

Roasted grape tomatoes Hickory Ridge Studio

The finished product!
These are soooo unbelievably good.  Eat them on their own or put them in pasta salad, tomato sauce, soups....well you get the idea.  They can either be frozen or packed in olive oil and kept in the fridge.  I froze mine and can't wait to pull them out and put them in some homemade spaghetti sauce. 

Make some now and thank me later. 


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