Daily Inspiration


Another photographer I found in college was Michael Eastman. He has several books out and they are definitely worth a look. Especially his book depicting horses, Horses Photographs. I love this book. I think I would like it even if it wasn't about horses. It's absolutely gorgeous. (It doesn't help I went through a toning stage in college. Ah the acrid smell of sepia toner.)

He also has a book out called Vanishing America, which is where this image is from. His website is beautiful as well, please go take a look.

Hope your week is going well my lovelies. We here in central Mississippi are enjoying a VERY unseasonable cool spell. I almost called into work sick this morning just so I could drink coffee on my patio. I haven't wanted to sit outside much and lounge since oh about April. I have a nice big post planned for Friday. It even has research! Be impressed. It's probably the first thing I've done even the slightest research for since 2005.

Until then, be sweet!


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