Getting organized for the New Year

I tried to get organized when planning blog posts last year and I just don't think the three ring binder, formal way I went about it was the best way for me.  I think I'm going to try and work the way I used to in college.  Back then I always had a sketchbook with me, art major and all that, and ever since I've always carried some sort of notebook or sketchbook.  I found this one at Hobby Lobby during Christmas shopping and thought it was large enough to hopefully last the entire year and work as a planner/notebook/blog organizer.

It's spiral bound with a hard cover and can lay completely flat.  Very important.

I printed off some calendar pages from here and sprung for about 2 dollars worth of glue dots and stuck them into the notebook.  I have a blank page opposite that I can use to plan out the posts more in detail using an organic method (also known as no one in the universe is going to know what's going on but me.)  Let's see if this works......

Let me know how you're planning or not planning for your blog this year.  I'm not planning to be militant about this, everything will be done in pencil for easy editorial changes but I have a backlog of posts and unless I get a game plan together they are just going to sit there.

Hope you're week is going great my lovelies.  It's bitterly cold here, and yes I know if you're from upper Minnesota I sound like a whiny cry baby, but we're not used to this!  I watched the temperature fall in my car as I drove to feed horses last night and though I was nice and toasty warm in my tee shirt, sweat shirt, scarf, Carhart jacket, and jeans my fingers honestly went numb even with gloves on before I got done.  It's cold sister!  But it won't last long and hopefully we'll see things return more to normal on Friday so no complaining here.  I can stand a day or two.  Stay warm!


  1. Good idea to put the calendar in the notebook! Since my first round of college I've carried a spiral (9 1/2 x 6") around. It is a hodgepodge of everything, but that's where I scribble my ideas. As much as I love technology I still use notebooks and a spiral bound calendar! I've been looking at tablets thinking one would work for writing, but for now...still using paper! And it is cold way down here in Texas, too!


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