Wordless Wednesday (somewhat) - Artist in training

Three Men by Allie Pugh aged three              years

Also a quick note.  Thank you all so much for the very kind and supportive words I received in response to my post about Pheba Baptist Church.  At last count I had over 900 views to the blog in regards to this post.  That's absolutely unheard of for me.  It’s an emotional subject and honestly I was nervous to post my thoughts and hesitated for a good long whileMonday night before I hit the post button.  I was ready and prepared to take the post down if it was interpreted to be offensive in any way, but quite the opposite has happened.  It has been shared many times on facebook by hometown folks and the comments have been so kind.    I may never make it as a professional writer but I love learning about my beautiful home and the history of a place with so little written about it.  Mississippi is a treasure trove of stories just waiting to be discovered, and I like sharing them with all of you.  Thank you all again so much.


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