Thankful Mondays Returns - Part 1

A few years ago I did a series of post I entitled “Thankful Mondays in November.”  (You can reread those posts HERE.) I know I don't have the discipline to post every day what I’m thankful for, but four posts worked out quite nicely.  This time, let’s shoot for five since there are five Mondays in November this year.   If you’d like to join in, please do!  Just save and use the image from this post on your site and maybe link back to this blog.   

The month of November reminds all of us to be thankful again for what we have in our lives.  Even if things are terrible, horrible, and just generally no good there’s always some little something for which to be thankful.  And especially after today I need to think about why I should be grateful! If it could to wrong, it went wrong. If I could mess it up, I messed it up. Even the alternator on my car went out and I had to get that fixed too!

So, today I’m going to be thankful for one more year.  My birthday is Thursday and I’ll be 34.  That seems so old and yet so young at the same time.  I’ve always been accused of being overly mature so the older I get the more it catches up with me from time to time.  And yet, I still like my rock music, blue jeans, and long hair.  I’m like hippy grandma I tell ya.  I’ll cook homemade bread while rocking out to Silver Tide and can tell you some herbal remedies for your cold all at the same time.  

I’m thankful for another year, none the less.  I’m thankful for another year to see my daughter grow.  I’m thankful for another year to spend with my husband.  I’m sure thankful for another year to spend with my Mom and Dad.  And yes I’m thankful I can still ride and enjoy my horses.  (You know I had to say it.)  I’m thankful for all this time I have and how I get to spend it.  I don’t get to spend all of it doing exactly what I want to do, but I honestly get to spend a bulk of it doing things I do enjoy.  

I’m going to try to not squander my time either.  It’s a gift.  It’s the only thing we wake up with every day that costs so little and yet costs so much.  That’s a hard thing though sometimes when all you want to do is have the hands on the clock hurry up so you can get to the good part.  But honestly sometimes, we’re at the good part and don’t know it.  I’m thankful for the time I have and even more thankful for the time yet to come and what all I can do and see and learn and love.  

Happy Monday my lovelies!


  1. Love it! And 34? You are still in infancy, girl--cherish it! :)


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