Thankful Mondays Returns - Part 4

Thankful Mondays Returns - Part 4

Today I’m thankful for teachers, mentors, and the difference makers in our lives.  And I’m not just talking about the teachers you have in school - though I did have some wonderful teachers.  Mr. Tommy Sykes I’m looking at you.  You’re not supposed to have favorites, but you’re still mine.  He was the one that really made history fun for me and sparked a lifelong love of learning about all things historical.  Ms. Gwendolyn Pearson who finally in the 12th grade made higher math make sense.  And you had a hysterical dry wit that would make me laugh till I cried.  Mr. Randy Whitbeck you were an awesome math teacher who made math make sense and your Bible lessons were always so on point.  Mr. Michael Shelton you gave us the freedom to write and read what interested us.  And you didn’t chastise me for reading Byron, bless your heart.  Last but certainly not least Mrs. Norris, you encouraged a shy young girl that her art really was good and to keep at it because it made me happy and feel accomplished, thank you.  

Then there are the mentors that were there for me outside of school.  Mr. Buddy Eaton, you in your quiet accepting way always made me feel like I got it.  Just sitting in your barn was a college course in life, horses, and being a good person.  I’ll never forget those days sitting on an upturned bucket just soaking it all in.  Your way is the way I lope circles to this day.  Nannette Parkinson Cooper, you were my other momma, the older sister I never had, and the friend I could talk to about anything.  You let me ride your good horses, crash at your house, ride in your truck, and hauled my crazy ass horse.  You and Randy were such a huge part of my life.  I learned so much from yall, and I miss you so much sometimes.  I love ya lady.  And Mrs. Debbie Huffman.  Goodness gracious the stories we could tell about 4-H.  You introduced me to classic literature, classic movies, and classic cooking.  My vocabulary is certainly richer because of you and my heart if fuller.  Thank you so much for taking me into your home and your family.  I love you lady, you’re the absolute best.  

The last category are the difference makers.  These are the people that shape and form who you are.  The first people on this list are my Mom and Dad.  They are some of the hardest working people I know who have always supported me in whatever crazy endeavor I wanted to get into. They have also taught me so much about life, money, creativity, family, priorities, and love.  The next on that list is the person yall get sick of hearing about, my MaPep, my great-grandmother.  She helped make me who I am.  Period.  Some people say WWJD, I saw WWED, what would Ethel do?  I’ll also thank my hubby, JJ for being probably one of the biggest influences on my adult life.  You came along at just the right time and have given me so much.  My life would not be the same without you and your love.  And probably the last person I’m going to put on this list is Mrs. Lesli Bacon McCully.  She was my best friend all through school and even though we may not talk as much as we should and only see each other every couple of years she was my rock and my sanity through school.  Only she saw my true feelings sometimes and she still loved me because of it.  You’re a rock star lady, love ya.

Without these people I wouldn’t be who I am and I sure wouldn’t have made it this far.  Thank you, all of you and I just pulled a few people.  I could write a novel about the people I need to thank for what they’ve done in my life.  Probably multiple novels.  We all have people that play a part in our life that without them we would not be where we are today.  So just because I may have left you off the list doesn’t mean I don’t love ya and thank you because I do.  



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