Cotton Blooms

In 2012 I got some pretty nice pictures of the cotton fields right before harvest.  In 2013 I made sure to go out and take some pictures of the cotton as it was blooming.  You can see those pictures HERE.

Cotton Hickory Ridge Studio

And still after all this time cotton still amazes me.  It's a flower that makes a fiber.  You can't tell me the good Lord doesn't have a sense of humor.  It's kind of like a tomato being a fruit.  Or okra being a part of the hibiscus family, just like cotton. 

See how I brought that full circle? 

Anyway, random trivia aside, cotton is a neat plant.  The plant blooms first a white flower, then as it progresses it changes from white to light pink, to dark reddish pink.  The bloom then dries up and falls off leaving the boll.  The boll is where the cotton develops.  The boll eventually dries, turns brown, and the cotton lint pops through.   

Hopefully this year I can get pictures of tiny little baby cotton pants and I will have photographed cotton from start to finish.  Hope you are having a great Thursday my dears!

Cotton Hickory Ridge Studio


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