Pheba on Preservation in Mississippi

Guess what's on the front page of the Preservation in Mississippi website?  The Agricultural High School in Pheba that I wrote about HERE!

The link to my post and photographs are included in the article!  I am thrilled!  Can't you tell by all the exclamation points?  I really do abuse them terribly.

You can read the article HERE.  It's really very well done and I'm jealous of all the old pictures.  Oh if only I had started this little project several years ago the pictures I would have.  Oh well, all I can do is go forward.  A big thank you to W. White who is the author of the article.  I'm so happy to see a little piece of my home on the internet and not only that, it's getting the recognition it deserves!  A very happy Wednesday indeed.

Preservation in Mississippi Hickory Ridge Studio


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