A Little Late...Two Year Pictures

It's a little late I know, but two years ago on a Thursday morning a little bundle of energy came screaming into the world and proceeded to institute her rule of tyranny.   LOL  Just kidding!  We love our curly headed little girl and last Saturday while I was out taking some pictures for friends I took these quick pics of Allie.  She hated her dress (that mommy made *sad face*), the sun was bright, and she was trying to run after the cows in the pasture.  I was doing good to get what I got.  

Miley never looked this cute. 

I definitely needed some sunshine and flowers after the past couple of days and thought that I would share.  Have a great day my lovelies!  I'm off and running this morning!


  1. Keepers! She has the cutest expressions.

    1. Thanks. She is a stinker and we literally had to bribe, distract, beg, and plead to get the few pictures I got. She hates this dress, tries to untie the bow, and take it off. I don't know why? I wish they were a little better but I'm glad I got what I got!


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