Feeling a little like Violet....

Sorry for the continued radio silence yall.  I've been struggling with a little stomach ailment the past couple of days that last night left me feeling like Violet from Willy Wonka.  It's something that flares up from time to time that I developed during pregnancy and though it is a lot better than it was postpartum it still gives me fits every so often.  And yes I have had just about every test known to man and supposedly my gallbladder and all my parts function just fine.  I'm going today to get some probiotics and give my stomach a rest today by sipping on sprite and water and probably having nabs for lunch.  Hope you are all doing well and hopefully I can have something new tomorrow.  If not, well then you know the oompa loompas had to take me back for special treatment.  

Later my lovelies!


  1. i hope you feel better soon! sorry to hear that you're under the weather, but i enjoyed the humorous twist you gave this post. take your time and know that we'll be here when you're feeling better :)

    1. Thanks Abigail. I hate feeling puny as my grandmother would say. :)

  2. Puny is no fun! Hope you're better.


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