Yall...life is hard...

Let me see, let me see....

We might as well call July what it is.  Vacation month for the blog.

First there was the weekend of the 4th.

Then there was the recovery from that weekend.

Then I got the dulcimer and lost an entire week just playing the darn thing every night.

And this week I'm getting ready to go to Natchez for the weekend which means I'm washing clothes, taking clothes to the cleaners, getting stuff together for Allie, and hopefully deep cleaning my car because at this point we're past embarrassment here.  It looks like there was a cheerios explosion in my back seat.

And on top of everything I decided that I needed a new dress for this trip, because I do this EVERY SINGLE TIME.  I look at my closet, hate everything, and either end up staying up late every night sewing or making a mad dash to the store the day before and buying stuff in a frenzy.

I am insane.  We all know this.  Move on.

Hope you are all having a great week lovelies!  


  1. Okay, you are just too funny, Lana. Of course your car looks like Cheerios--ya have a 2 year old...or thereabouts. My entire house looked like a Cheerios explosion from around 9 months to 3 years...when he lost interest in Cheerios and decided French Toast was way better. And, let's see that dress, please? I don't think we ever outgrow trying on and throwing in a pile...my mom is still doing it at 87.

    1. Oh I've been doing the "I hate everything!!! I have nothing to wear!!!!" for years just like every girl. I still hate that I do it though. I have made peace with having cheerios and building blocks and toys and dolls all over my house it's just the way things are going to be for a while. I will say this, she will help me pick everything up before she goes to bed so that's a small blessing at least.

      And as soon as I have that dress finished I'll sure post about it. As long as it comes out okay. I'm cutting and splicing an existing pattern to make this one as I can't seem to find a commercial pattern that is quite what I want.

  2. Oh, and there was that whole strawberry Kool-Aid stain on the carpet thing, too. :)


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