Little update to the old blog....

I've been working on something here and there so I thought I would share now that I'm finally done!  Up at the top of the page there's a new tab called "Stories of the South."  These are my entries I've been writing for a few years now and finally decided to pull them together in an easy to find place.  They are arranged on the page from most current to oldest in descending order, making my life easier as I add new entries.  So if you're new to the blog or maybe just want to read some of my older entries hop on over!  Thanks everyone!  Have a great day my lovelies!

P.S.  I made a new banner up at the top, what do you think?  Just felt like simplifying a little.  Thanks again!


  1. Organization--something I haven't not done much of lately. :) I like the banner (I am a fan of simple and non-cluttered blog themes) but I miss the cotton field. However, change is good for us--keeps my expectations in check!

    1. Oh, good grief--haven't not? I of course, meant have not, but it really gives focus to what I have not not done, so does that mean "I done it"?

    2. That gave me a chuckle I needed this morning. My brain works EXACTLY like that. I'm honestly not an organized person my sewin room is a catastrophe but a comment on a Facebook group I'm in made me look up exactly how many of these articles I had written and I was like holy cow! I hadn't really been keepin track so it was a nice sense of accomplishment to really see exactly how many I had.

      I like the banner for now, but I do miss my cotton field too.

  2. i did notice the lovely new header the last time i was here! Simple but snazzy. And don't it feel good to have little organization pages done? Awesome job, i can't wait to read through the ones i've missed


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