Stories of the South - Mantee, MS Part IV Post Office

Mantee MS Post Office Hickory Ridge Studio

Mantee MS Post Office Hickory Ridge Studio

I can remember being a little girl and me, my Aunt Mary, and my MaPep would load up in her two tone brown Dodge Aspen and go spend the weekend at her house in Hohenlinden.  When I was five or so she moved in with my Dad's parents across the pasture  so she could have help caring for my great-grandfather PawPep.  After he passed away she decided she didn't need to be living way out in the country by herself but that didn't mean she wouldn't stay the weekend.  On the way there we always had to stop in Woodland at the post office where she had her mail from the house forwarded.  MawPep had a post office box but more often than than not they just handed it to her through the window.  Can you even imagine doing that today?  Even then I thought it was a tiny post office compared to Houston or even Montpelier.  Looking at it now there are closets out there bigger than the lobby.  But in a town of a 100 or so people do you really need more than that?

Mantee MS Post Office Hickory Ridge Studio

Mantee MS Post Office Hickory Ridge Studio

Got to love the mix of old and new post office boxes.

There has been a post office in Mantee since at least 1895, but this building is more modern of course.  I have looked and looked online but have been unable to find when this particular building was built.  Anyone out there know?  Please comment below!

I've got one more post in this series and it will be up tomorrow!  I normally don't post on the weekend but I sat down Monday night and typed everything up so it's ready and sitting on go.  Thanks so much for the nice comments on these posts that I've received here and on Facebook and Instagram.  We're headed to Memphis today to see the Ducks Unlimited National Headquarters and the new Bass Pro Shop in the newly renovated pyramid.  Yes, Memphis, Tennessee has a pyramid - kinda fitting don't you think?  (Memphis, TN = Memphis, Egypt haha.)  Have a great day everyone!


  1. This is the cutest little post office! I can see why you have beautiful memories of going in there.

    My grandfather worked in the Eupora PO and it was his job to lock up on certain nights. I always loved going in the PO, but especially on the nights he locked up as I got to turn off the lights!


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