Wordless Wednesday - Mantee Beauty Bar Mantee, MS

Mantee Beauty Bar Mantee Mississippi Hickory Ridge Studio

Mantee Beauty Bar Mantee Mississippi Hickory Ridge Studio

Mantee Beauty Bar
32 First Street
Mantee, MS

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  1. Thought you would enjoy this from the Hattiesburg American, April 9, 1932, p. 4:

    Marvelous Mantee. Mantee, Mississippi, a tiny town up in Webster county is exciting more envy than any other place in the country right now when talk is principally of high taxes. Aldermen have reported that Mantee owes nothing and have reduced the taxes fifty per cent. Sufficient funds are now on hand to pay all legitimate expenses for the next 12 months. Mantee is more than a "hole-in-the-road" too. The town has graveled the streets, paved the sidewalks, installed electric lights and is maintaining a two-year high school on a pay-as-you-go plan. Mantee's system is not generally known, or if it is, it is certainly not followed by other Mississippi towns and cities.

    1. That is too awesome. It's amazing the stuff you can find online now a days though it's amazing I can find stuff on Mantee but not Macon and Noxubee County. Sooo frustrating!

    2. I know what you mean. And I searched fruitlessly for info on the Mantee school to no avail--nary a mention in any of the available newspapers.

    3. I need to get ahold of my grandmother's pictorial history books for Webster and Chickasaw counties. It probably has the info.


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