Thankful Mondays Returns - Part 2

Thankful Mondays Part 2

It’s week two of Thankful Mondays!  I hope you have decided to follow along and maybe, just maybe join in.  If you have please leave me a comment below, I’d love to read why you’re thankful.  

Today I’m thankful for gifts.  And no, I’m not talking about gifts that come tied up in a pretty bow or wrapped in shiny paper.  I’m talking about the talent and knowledge that is passed down to us from our family as well as those innate abilities we’re given at birth.  Everyone has a gift or a talent.  Some people sing, some people cook, some play an instrument, some write, some are gifted with a big personality and the ability to never meet a stranger.  I could go on an on.  Your gift is what makes you, you!  It’s your happiness, your joy, and what you share with others.  I guess the two gifts that have come in most handy since I got married are cooking and being creative.  My creativity is not just limited to sewing and art it extends out to making due with what we have.  When we first got married JJ wanted pancakes for breakfast one morning and we didn’t have any mix.  I laughed and said, we don’t need no mix!  I whipped up some from what we had in the cabinet and then realized we didn’t have any syrup.  Story of my life. I remembered my grandmother making simple vanilla syrup on the stove so I whipped up some of that too.  Creativity takes many forms.  

I did grow up an only child, way out in the country pre-video games and satellite tv so I learned early on how to entertain myself.  I took piano and voice lessons and have been drawing and painting and reading since an early age.  So part of my interests are formed by my environment but I think another factor is God gave them to me.  Then there are those talents that are formed by the people around me.  My grandmothers all sewed and I wanted to be just like them so I started trying to sew.  It’s turned into a skill that I’m proud of and helps me feel connected to some very important people.  

And God knew this girl was never going to be coordinated enough to run so he gave me horses. Enough said.  

All and all I’m so thankful I can do all this stuff!  I can’t wait to share it with Allie as she gets older and all I can hope is she’s interested in even half of it.  We are going to have a ball.    

Do you have a particular talent you’re proud of?  Is there something you always wished you could do?  Let me know!  

Have a great week my lovelies!

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  1. This is lovely. Just reading it fills me with something so special, and that is the feeling of being understood. when read this, i don't feel alone.


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