Thankful Mondays Returns - Part 3

A note, I wrote entries 1-4 for this series the first Monday in November.  I have a tendency to do that for the blog, to write several entries at one time and release them throughout the month.  Who could have guessed that the attack on Paris would happen Friday night.  A chill went through me as I remembered what I had written three weeks ago and had scheduled to post for today.   There is no telling what will come out of this conflict in the days to come.  My thoughts and prayers are with Paris as well as the rest of Europe and the Middle East.

Another week, another Thankful Monday post.  You can view the prior two weeks posts HERE and HERE.  If you’d like to read the posts from the first series you can do that HERE.  

Today I am thankful for my country.  Yes, I’m thankful to be an American.  

America is not perfect.  It has so many problems.  Our school system is behind that of other industrialized nations.  There is a huge gap between the have a have nots.  Our veterans are blatantly ignored after returning from war.  There is a moral divide in the country growing by the day.  People of all faiths are persecuted for following their beliefs.  And the struggle to just get by is more than some people can handle.  


It can always be so much worse.  

Israel, Iraq, Afganastan, Pakistan- all live with a constant fear of bombings -  
Nigeria - Christians live in fear that they will be drug from their homes and executed by radical Muslims.
Central African Republic - children are recruited to be soldiers at machete point.  
China - thousands of children live in orphanages, with no love and little care, waiting for a parent that loves them.
Central America - Thousands flee the horrific gang violence every year where people are killed and beheaded in the streets.  

I don’t know about you but I go to bed most nights knowing my home is not going to be bombed.  I won’t be drug from my home and killed.  My child will not be recruited to a militant army, and places like the Palmer Home exist to take care of kids with no other family.  I know that my lights will work in the morning, the water will flow and be hot, and that my fridge is overflowing with food.  My bank account may not be what I want, but at least I have enough.  

America is not perfect.  Our lives as Americans are not perfect.  But, the alternative is definitely not what I want.  I’m thankful I was born here.  I’m thankful I was given the opportunity to live a life where I’m burdened by what I’m going to cook for supper instead of not having anything to cook for supper.  I watched a documentary a few weeks ago about child drug addicts in Afghanistan.  It will absolutely break your heart that families buy opium to drug their children so they’re not hungry.   We are a blessed nation.  We are a blessed people.  Thank you God for your mercy.  Thank you God for this nation.   

I'm going to try and keep this in mind the next time I gripe about my drive to work, work itself, or the fact that I'm picking up markers and Lego blocks for the millionth time. My life is blessed even at it's very worst. I'm a blessed person even when I feel like my life sucks. Perspective is hard to keep at the best of times, but with everything going on in our world I'm going to try and maintain it as long as I can in this season.

I hope you've had a great start to your week, and it continues to be a great one. 
Good night my lovelies!


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