Throwback Thursday - Little Girls and Ponies

hickory ridge studio pony little girls horses
Thanks Granny for the pictures....

Horses hit me hard at a young age. From the time I can remember all I have wanted to do is ride.  This little palomino paint pony was an early birthday present and though she was a firecracker and tried me at every opportunity in the early years she eventually became a great speed event pony. We rode every inch of our place growing up. She was a huge heart and personality in a 50 1/4 frame.

When I was little I wasn't allowed to ride until my mom or dad came home and at this age I probably still needed a little help making sure everything was straight and where it needed to be.  Boomerang had a terrible tendency to suck in air, was mutton withered, and getting a saddle tight on her was a tricky business.  I learned early on that always, always checking your saddle was tight before a run was serious business.  

That didn't mean though I couldn't pull her up to my grandparent's house on summer mornings and feed her.  And then bathe her, and braid her mane and tail.

hickory ridge studio pony little girls horses
Oh honey, what were you thinking with those jeans....

Lord love her, no wonder she gave me such a hard time.



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