Wordless Wednesday - Introducing Elijah

March of 2017 we brought home a new addition Elijah (Eli for short)
Oh how I wish he was still this little and sweet!


  1. Oh, he is adorably cute, even if he is bigger now! I have never seen one with that coloring before--is that on purpose? :)

    1. He is cute. And a stinker! House training is his kryptonite. Yes, the coloring is on purpose. They call the coat pattern "dapple." I've seen blue, black, and Eli is a chocolate dapple. Didn't go on purpose to buy a dapple, the breeder is a good guy and I know the dogs are well taken care of and definitely not a puppy mill operation. He just happened to come out a litter with a black dapple, him, and two chocolates. I fell in love and here he is.


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