2013 National Finals Rodeo

It's my super bowl, world series, and final four all rolled into one. It's my early Christmas present and the nights I stay up late yelling for people I've never met and remembering why I even started barrel racing to start with. That's right it's National Finals Rodeo time!

I love watching all the girls but I have a few in particular that I love to watch every time they come in the building.

1. Fallon Taylor

Love her or hate her Fallon Taylor is back at the NFR! I watched Fallon back in the 90's when she was a kid and I was a kid and it was the coolest thing ever to me to see a teenager at the NFR. She's riding two of her homegrown horses; BabyFlo is my particular favorite. I've been following her since last year on facebook and it's been fun getting an inside look at her road to the NFR.

photo from:  http://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/barrel-racer-taylor-back-nfr-after-15-year-absence
2.  Mary Walker

Mary Walker is the current world champion.  She won last year on her first trip to the Finals and has overcome so much in her life.  A debilitating career ending injury as well as the loss of her son.  She has a wonderful story if you're interested here is her website:  http://marywalkerbarrelracing.com/

photo from:  http://my.gactv.com/wrangler-national-finals-rodeo/2012/Mary-Walker--/detail.esi?oid=29977775

3.  Sherry Cervi
I wasn't always a Cervi fan, but I have come to appreciate her as a rider and more recently as a person.   She has a passion for her horses and animals in general.  She's the picture of consistency and you gotta love Stingray. 
picture from:  http://my.gactv.com/wrangler-national-finals-rodeo/2011/Sherry-Cervi/detail.esi?oid=26376402 

4.  Kaley Bass
Kaley is a Florida cowgirl and Lord knows we need to support our southern cowgirls.  Her horse Cowboy is a lot of fun to watch and she seems to be having a good finals so far. 

photo from:  http://www.mattcohenphoto.com/2012/10/03/2012-wrangler-national-finals-rodeo-qualifiers-barrel-racing/ 

5.  Christy Loflin
I started following Christy last year and she's had a pretty rough year this year.  If you wanted to know what it was like to go down the road to the NFR her facebook has been pretty interesting and truthful.  Trailer breakdowns, horse problems, hit barrels, and at one point ready to pack it in and head home.  She pushed through though and is finally running her mare Movin down the alleyway of the Thomas and Mack.  There's plenty of controversy around her, just google to see what I mean, but the girl is a hand and if she's didn't deserve to be there she wouldn't have won the money to qualify.  She won Pendleton for heaven's sake.  That should say something.  She hasn't been clocking that well, even said so on her facebook, but I have a feeling that good things are coming.  There's still six rounds left!

photo from:  http://www.mattcohenphoto.com/2013/10/01/2013-wrangler-national-finals-rodeo-qualifiers-barrel-racing/

I love all the other girls too, I especially enjoy watching Jane Melby run but these are my particular favorites. 

And one other little piece of business, we've got a local guy as in from 20 minutes from me, at the NFR this year!  Tyler Pearson from Louisville, MS is out there in the bulldogging.  He injured his knee at a practice the day before the first round, but I think he's caught every round so far and is trying his darndest to make the best of everthing.  I'm rooting for you Tyler!

picture from:  http://www.mattcohenphoto.com/2013/10/01/2013-wrangler-national-finals-rodeo-qualifiers-steer-wrestling/

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you're warm and dry where ever you are and that your week is off to a great start.  Later my lovelies!


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