Not impressed at all...

I think this picture says it all. 


  1. Yes, you have to wonder what is going through her head, don't you? "Why is Momma making me sit on this weird looking guy, and what's up with the goofy girl next to him? Are we done yet?"

    1. Her expression when we pointed her toward him was priceless. She looked at him, then looked back at me, with an expression of, "Really, woman?" I'm not real big on Santa pictures as a rule but her daycare was doing this and having breakfast for the parents so I went. I'm sure my expression wasn't helping as I was trying not to grimmace at poor Santa's shoddy suit. And the elf, don't even get me started....

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  3. I actually avoided Santa Claus until J was 5. We had this reasonable explanation that Santa was a fun made-up person but his presents came from Mommy and Daddy. All seemed well. Then, he tells his grandmother that he saw Santa at school and told him he wanted an orange dump truck, but he wasn't sure if Santa would bring it, as he had never been to his house. You know what happened next right? I am driving all over town looking for an orange dump truck.


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