A Week of Recipes - Super Bowl Party Foods

It’s the week before the Super Bowl!  I’m not a big football fan but my husband is and we normally have a gathering at a friend’s house to watch the game.  And you can’t have a gathering in Noxubee County without food.  So, I thought I would dig through the recipes I have posted and see if I can’t offer up a few quick ideas for your party gathering.  Today let's talk about two easy appetizers.

These sausage drop biscuits are a go to no fail recipe for me.  You can make a huge batch and keep some back for breakfast the next week - if you can keep from eating them all at once.  It's probably one of my most requested recipes no matter where I take it.  Quick easy and tasty they can be made ahead of time so you're not stuck in the kitchen while everyone is enjoying the game. So give my Southwestern Sausage Drop Biscuits a try.    

My second quick appetizer recipe is known by many names - Cowboy Caviar, Southern Caviar, Whitetrash dip, and simply black-eyed pea dip. With a mix of canned black-eyed peas (buy Bush's brand the extra expense is worth it), fresh veggies, and a quick homemade vinaigrette this simple dish can do double duty as a dip or a side. It's best to make at least a day ahead of time so it's a perfect dish to make ahead of time to bring to a party or serve as hostess with the mostest. Serve with corn chips and you have a great dip anyone will appreciate at their tailgate.

I'm a little late in the day getting started with this little project but at least it's started! Tomorrow we'll look at some easy main dishes that won't leave you tied to a stove all day.


  1. Mmmm! I love football, but never go to parties for Super Bowl because I get distracted with visiting! But I do spread out my own personal feast, so I'm anxious to see what you suggest! Just a note on the dip - in Texas we leave out the pimientos and add chopped jicama and a little cilantro. I'm not sure about the dressing, now that I think of it. If I can find the recipe I'll let you know. Now I'm hungry!

    1. And there's black beans in it, too.

    2. Oh there's a million different versions of this dip and yours sounds delicious!


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