Progress on a new piece.  I've run out of the blue floss I bought for my other project and apparently WalMart doesn't sell DMC 311 so a special trip to Hobby Lobby will have to be made.  It's a dreary start to the week so far with dark grey skies and more rain.  I'm trying to stay cheerful but all this lack of sunshine and horseback time is seriously starting to grate on my nerves.  

But I'm trying my best to stay positive and stitching away with bright red thread on bright white cotton kind of helps.  Happy Monday lovelies.


  1. I like the red! I know what you mean about dreary. I am a bit tired of it here, too. It got cold and windy again today, and now I have a sore throat. Yeah.

    1. I just feel yuck and wanna crawl back in the bed and sleep all day. Seasonal affective disorder anyone? Just ready for some sunshine. It can be cold, but just a little sun please!


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