Sewing Projects - A quilt in progress....

One day in January about three years ago I was off from work, stuck at home due to ice and snow, and since I had no baby yet and nothing else to do I proceeded to cut out rectangles to make a brick path quilt.  I had seen a picture on the internet or a blog or somewhere and thought, now that would be nice and fast and I wanted a new quilt for our bedroom.  Our comforter was getting scruffy and worn and I like a quilt a whole lot better than a comforter anyway.  There's nothing better than settling down under a pile of quilts on a winter night.  

I got all my rectangles cut out and proceeded to try and figure out how I was going to arrange them.  I wanted something scrappy and unplanned looking.  I laid out several variations and pretty soon it was supper time so put my pieces away and there they have sat -- for the last three years.

Oh I've pulled them out here and there and tried to find a pleasing arrangement, heck I even sewed two rows together, but away it went back into my fabric cabinet to be pushed aside again.

Last year and continuing into this year I said I wanted to sew through some or hopefully the better part of my stash and buy NO NEW FABRIC.  Anyone that sews knows this is a lie and somehow or another for every yard you use three more comes in and there you are.  But on January 1 when the weather was less than cooperative I said I'm going to do something with those quilt pieces so out they came again.  I turned this way and that way and nothing made me happy.  I said I know, I'll cut them in half making them smaller maybe the proportions are off because the blocks are too big.  Nope.

So I looked online some more and saw where some people were using white squares to break up the design a little and I thought ah ha!  That's what I need to do.  So off to WalMart I go and pick out two white print design fabrics and head off to the house.  I cut out some rectangles the same size as my original squares and still nada.  I was stumped.  I whined on Facebook.  I fixed supper.  I played with the tiny terrorist.  Put the terrorist to bed and played on Facebook a little more.

quilting hallelujah
At about 11:30 on a Friday night it came to me.  I narrowed my fabric selection to four, cut the white pieces into squares and finally, finally found something that worked!  Hallelujah!  I spent the rest of the weekend as time allowed pinning my pieces together and hopefully will finish up tonight.  I hope to start sewing tomorrow night and then we will see if all this is going to work.

Quilting and Cocktails - that should be the name of a book

I know there are patterns out there that will tell me exactly what size to cut and give recommendations on fabric and all that, but I prefer to work off the cuff.  It leads to a little frustration sometimes, but the results can't be beat.  Quilting is time consuming enough that if I'm going to spend all that time sewing and piecing I better be making something original that I'm going to love forever and ever amen. 

Hope you're all having a great day my lovelies!   


  1. Oh dear, let me tell you about the brick road adventure I'm on! The twins are 3 1/2 and I'm just finishing their two quilts. It took me hours on each one to get the fabrics arranged like I wanted it. I had a printed pattern, but it can't tell you how to place each fabric so that it is pleasing! Hmmm, maybe I did need that glass of wine!

    1. I do have an around the world quilt I started when I was in high school and I'll be out of high school 15 years this year. I think that's my worst unfinished project I have. I really should try and finish that this year! It's made up of pretty small squares which is why it's not done. It's one of those things where you sew and sew and sew and feel like you're not getting anywhere!


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