A followup from yesterday

Dr Tichenor's HIckory Ridge Studio
I love this old sign, how about you?
Thank you so much to everyone that commented on Facebook and Instagram yesterday about the building in Crawford.  I don't know a lot about the towns south of West Point as the majority of my family is from North Mississippi.  Seems like they got to Woodland, said this looks good, and didn't move much further.  We've got a few transplants in California, Florida, Washington, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, etc.  A lot of the family has been in the military and that's how they ended up so far from home.  Myself, I might as well have moved to the moon.  I live an hour away from where I grew up and never would have thought that would happen. 
I do wander don't I?  Back to the point. 
I don't know a lot about the towns south of West Point and since I live here now and have been for 6 years.  It's about time I started learning.  That's right, the history nerd has awakened. 
It was so awesome to hear the stories from friends about that store and the memories they have of it.  Apparently it was a large store (the building is pretty big) with canned goods, hoop cheese, meats, sausage, and all the things a general store would have.  Another friend used to catch the bus for school there and would get a coke, candy, or chips in the afternoon. 
Little things like this is why I enjoy having a blog. 
Have a great day my lovelies.  It's Thursday, there air is crisp and I haven't heard the A/C run all week.  That is a good thing.      


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