Five on Friday

I'm totally going to steal appropriate something that I've seen on a few blogs lately, which is a five on Friday.  Mine is going to be simply five things I want to share with you.  Things that I have found interesting during the week and want to share. 

1.  Southern Linguistics.
I've watched a little bit of why Southerns sound and talk the way they do on the History Channel.  This short auto clip pretty much explains it all.  Go have a listen, it's just a few minutes. 

2.  Favorite blog of the moment.
I've been reading Delightfully Tacky for a little while now and am inspired daily by her pictures, recipes, and so-cute-you-could-die corgi. 

3.  Weekend plans.
My little girl is going to spend some quality time with her grandma and grandpa and momma is going to spend some quality time with this guy.

joker in fall hickory ridge studio

There will also hopefully be some hunting too.  Not that the doves have anything to worry about.  Squirrels yes, doves not so much.  Momma's not very good with a shotgun yet. 

4.  Current creative inspiration.
I've been on a huge jewelry kick lately.  I used to make jewelry all the time, but the past few years I go in fits in starts.  I'll be on fire for a few weeks and then push it to the back burner for a few months.  I have a staggering amount of jewelry, so I really don't need new pieces very often, but it seems at the start of every season I end up making a few new things to freshen up my wardrobe. 
I've been enjoying looking through the Moorea Seal website lately for inspiration.

Quartz Drops by Moorea Seal

5.  New reading material.
I won a giveaway on Blooming Leopold a while back for the book, Draping: The Complete Course.  It's a huge tome and I've slowing been reading through it and can't wait to carve out some time to start learning draping. 

So there's my first five on Friday.  Maybe this is something I can continue in the future.  Until next week my lovelies, have a great day and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Okay, I am all in on the horse and the earrings, and yes, the southern accent thing was short, and a hoot...but that draping thing? And my mother said, "Now, don't be tacky" and "That is just tacky" to me so many times, I will have to see if the Alaska girl gets a chance. LOL Have a great weekend yourself.

  2. You're a hoot. I had a great weekend, aside from loosing my voice completely by Sunday night (stupid sinuses) and today still having no voice.


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