Five on Friday

Last week was fun, so let's do it again!  This week's theme will be things I'm working on.

1.  Recipes - I'm working on pictures and typing up some recipes for the blog.  I have an idea to do a food week, so I'll be plotting on that that and let you know.


2.  Writing - I've been doing some research, jotting notes and getting my thoughts together for some upcoming posts. 

3.  Sewing Planning - I need to make a few things to fill the holes in my fall/winter wardrobe.  Let's see if I can actually get something done in the evenings now that I won't be distracted with that pesky thing called sunlight when I leave work after this coming Sunday.  Daylight savings time ending = :(

4.  Photography - As I've stated time and again this is MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR FOR PICTURES!  I have so many places I would like to go and photograph, why oh why can't there be 30 hours in a day?

5.  Cleaning - enough said.  Don't even wanna think about it. 

I hope your weekend is fantastic my lovelies! 


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