Busy, busy little bee

That would be me.  I'm busy at work and busy at home these days.  When the weather gets warm and the days get long all I want to do is stay outside and enjoy it.  I'm an outdoor person at heart and working 40 hours a week in an office makes me want to be outside all the more.  So, when the weather is right especially in the spring and summer (who are we kidding fall and winter too) you'll find me outside if it's nothing more than sitting on the patio after Allie goes to bed at night watching a movie on my iPad and have a drink of a little somethin' somethin'.

Yesterday though was a slow down kind of day.  Allie had been fighting a stomach bug pretty much all weekend.  We dealt with many, many, many, many dirty pull-ups Sunday and I was hopeful that it was over.  Monday morning she got up again at 5:00 a.m. for the forth morning in a row (a sign that she feels bad, this girl is a power sleeper and always has been) and when I picked her up from daycare she had a 100.5 temp. Thankfully I had Tylenol in my purse, I'm a momma now what can I say, and we headed home.  She went to bed early with another dose of Tylenol for good measure but got up again at 5:00 Tuesday morning so there was nothing for me to do but call in to the office, take a quick shower, and be at the pediatrician when the doors opened.  Our office gets busy fast so I've found it's easier to be sitting on the doorstep at 8:00 than call and ask for an appointment.  We were diagnosed with a stomach bug, given some antibiotics, told to stick with a bland diet for the day, rest and drink lots of 7up and eat pop-sickles.

So after picking up our meds and eating a little lunch I put her down for a nap and sat down with my computer and notebooks to do a little editing and writing.  I don't slow down much.  I get up at 6:00 and rarely go to bed before 11:00.  So it's nice every so often to watch Jane Eyre on TV, edit some pictures, and write down thoughts longhand on blank sheets of paper.

I'm happy to say I think my little pumpkin is a little bit more herself this morning and went back to daycare so momma could come back to work and get a little something done.  I'm soooo behind but I'm hoping I can knock some stuff out today.  I hope you're all having a great week, later my lovelies!   


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