Hey yall, it's Friday

It's Friday and thank the Lord for that.  I know compared to some my week is nothing to complain about.  I have a roof over my head, a tree not through that roof, a car that runs, a job to get up and go to in the morning, a family that loves me, and many many other blessings in my life.  I'm blessed and God is good all the time.

But I'm tired.  Staying up late is a young girl's game and I passed my girl years a while back.  Four consecutive nights of a midnight bedtime is enough to wear out any party girl.  So thank goodness my sweet momma is taking mein feuer for the weekend and I'm going to relax and take a little me time.  There might even be an adult beverage or two or three in my future.  And no, me time is not going shopping unless you consider buying tomato plants shopping.  Me time for Lana is riding horses and digging in the dirt and enjoying the sunshine.  Hopefully I get to do just that.  Along with some adult beverages and good food.

My thoughts and prayers are still with the many, many communities in Mississippi that are still struggling with loss after Monday night's storms.  Many have lost physical possessions and some have lost loved ones.  One entire family, mom, dad, and son were killed in Louisville.  Can you even imagine?  I don't want to ever have to.  There are so many in several states that continue to hurt.  If you feel it in your heart to contribute and have the opportunity I encourage you to do so.  Just a few dollars, a case of water, or simply helping to load it up would mean so much.  So many have already come to help from many states, it's just amazing.  Say what you want about the South, but we do community like no other.  Friends of mine had a tree through their home.  A TREE.  What did he do?  Loaded up in his truck with another guy and rode around their neighborhood and cut up downed trees.  Here was a guy with major problems but his first thought was for others.  This is not an isolated story, there are hundreds of others that could be told.  A daycare worker that protected one of her charges with her last breath.  Employers with completely destroyed businesses whose first thought is for employees and how to pay them and not themselves.  EMTs, volunteer fire fighters, linemen, highway patrol, national guard, police, and sheriff offices along with normal Joe's all were there as soon as it was safe and sometimes when it wasn't.  It gives you hope for the future and makes you proud to call this place your home.

I'm sorry if there are errors whether spelling or grammatical but I wrote this very quickly while I had a few minutes.  Have a great day my lovelies and a wonderful weekend!  We'll see ya next week!


  1. Shopping for tomato plants, good food and adult bevs are a winning combination! Hooray! You go girl!


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